Subway Menu Prices – Have You Ever Thought About The Reason Why You Require This..

SUBWAY is giving all of its subs a massive makeover, with a new menu being trialled across its restaurants in the usa. The new trial is a substantial shake-up for the restaurant chain, with new cheeses including crumbled feta, natural cheddar and mozzarella replacing processed cheese options.

New proteins including authentic streaky bacon, carved turkey and leg ham, rustic chicken along with a new and improved diced steak, produced from 100 per cent Australian beef will also be on offer. Subway menu with prices also has made a vegan sub the first time, with smashed falafel to meet the needs of those on a plant-based diet.

Gluten-free wraps and rye bread with the ancient grain topping can also be being offered with new salads. The restaurant chain also has expanded its range of sauces to offer you habanero hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, pesto mayo, smoky barbecue sauce, tzatziki, seeded mustard, cranberry relish and tomato chutney. New menu items being made include: buffalo chicken with blue cheese dressing; Greek lamb with tzatziki; Mediterranean chicken with pesto mayo; smashed falafel with tzatziki, and turkey and bacon with cranberry.

Nevertheless the axing of some of Subway’s popular ingredients have finally sparked a social networking backlash from customers. Subway fans have flooded the company’s Facebook page with complaints about the removal of carrots, old English cheese and pickles. One person wrote: “Found out today is definitely the last day for carrot and old English cheese and pickles are already gone. Today is my last subway meal RIP Subway.”

Another wrote: “I don’t understand why you will eliminate carrots! Most kids love carrot inside their subway so when your kids will only have a cheese & carrot subway (still buy a complete price sub with only two fillings) it’s very disappointing. I’m all for brand new menus but seriously losing a staple like carrot is ridiculous! Keep your basics for the children so gynqlt adults can try the newest menu. You’ll lose plenty of families, just saying!”

Other Subway fans were happy with a few of the new additions, but agreed that others should stay. On fan posted: “Just tried your new trial menu at one of the stalls for my usual Monday sub. How dare you take away my old English and pickles. They’re the very first two essential ingredients in any sub. And don’t be touching the chipotle. My god, the chipotle stays. PS: Nice touch on the habanero sauce and feta. Classy.”

Subway director of advertising Kate Brody said the chain was paying close attention to customer comments. “We’ve found that some guests are super picky with regards to their pickles. Or are crazy deeply in love with carrot,” she said.

“We haven’t made any decisions yet where ingredients will win their place in our restaurants – in reality, we’ll be holding a poll on Facebook to view the reaction – and we’re monitoring all feedback, whether in-restaurant or in the Facebook community through the entire trial. We’re equally as excited to see the outcomes as our guests.

“We’re seeking the maximum amount of feedback as you can to make sure that if we add or remove any ingredients, we realize just how our loyal guests feel about this, and any future menu developments are guided with what our guests are telling us.” She said that the newest menu items were Subway’s means of making their menu more modern. “We know American palates and preferences have changed with time, and we’re excited to hear directly from our guests so that we can get a great balance involving the, and also on-trend, innovative flavours,” she said

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